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About Appraisal Management Online

Appraisal Management Online, Inc. is an appraisal management company as defined in the Home Valuation Code of Conduct.

Our goal is to maintain the traditional relationships between licensed appraisers, lenders and borrowers within the legal framework of today's complicated regulatory system.

Appraisal Management Online is an independently owned California corporation. We have an advisory committee of appraisers and lenders which is chaired by our in-house attorney.

The Internet provides us with the means to instantly relay appraisal requests to qualified appraisers in the area where the property is located. While the new regulations do not allow lenders to request a specific appraiser, we try to match appraisers with lenders that have worked together in the past.

About the owners of Appraisal Management Online

We have all been involved in the real estate industry is various ways. Together we have over 200 years of real estate rated experience.

We all feel that the "Home Valuation Code of Conduct" is an overreaction to the housing melt-down. During our years in real estate, we met more incompetent appraisers than we did dishonest appraisers. We believe it is better for lenders to work with people who have proven that they can do a proper appraisal rather than get a randomly assigned appraiser.

Unfortunately, the "Code of Conduct" is now reality and we have to work with it. Appraisal Management Online is the best solution we could find to work within the new rules.

Our website and our company is evolving rapidly. We appreciate any suggestions and criticisms.

By the way, one of the most commonly voiced concerns we here from appraisers is "If I tell you who my lenders are, you'll give my work to other appraisers. The reality is, it's easy to find lenders and appraisers -- just Google them.

Everyone is treat equally on our website. There is no fee to register. There are no expensive upgrades to special status. Our administrative fee is the same for every appraiser. We have no reason to treat one appraiser better than another.

We operate nationwide, there is no way for us to judge an appraiser's actual work. The best recommendation you can receive comes from your local lenders.

The new "Code of Conduct" prohibits a lender from saying "I want this appraiser for this property. But nothing prohibits the lender from stating a preference based upon his knowledge of local appraisers experience. It is now impossible (or at least in violation of the Code) for anyone to guarantee that you will get 100% of any lenders work.