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Information for Appraisers

The new Code of Conduct prohibits borrowers or lenders from scheduling appraisals or paying appraisers directly. By using Appraisal Management Online, we process your orders and process your payments at the lowest possible cost. There is no fee to register and only a 10% fee per appraisal for processing appraisal orders and payments.

Notice: We are NOT Accepting New Appraisers at this Time.

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Please list your top mortgage brokers or other employers in order of volume. We have asked lenders to list appraisers that they have been using. Our new software will match up the lenders and appraisers who have listed each other. When lenders submit appraisal orders, we rank appraisers based on the matches to ensure that people can continue to do business with people they have worked with in the past.

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Please note that as a part of the registration process we also need the following items:
• Names of all appraisers and trainees who will be performing appraisals under your company name.
• Copy of License(s) for all appraisers and trainees
• Copy of Errors and Omissions Insurance - Declaration Page (E&O is Mandatory)
• Service Pricing
• Copy of W-9 form
• A brief statement as to whether any of the appraisers submitted in your company's application have been disciplined or sued by any regulatory agency or financial institution for fraud or negligence involving an appraisal report. If so, please state the outcome of any disciplinary actions or lawsuit(s)

The above items must be FAXed or eMailed to us before you will receive any appraisal orders.